Last Day – Day 31

I’m always amazed at how quickly the month of March goes when I’m slicing! Here we are at the last day already.

It’s been great reading all of your slices and getting a glimpse into your minds and your lives. I enjoyed reading your poems, funny stories, heartfelt stories, and seeing your photos.

Until next year…

All the time in the world- Day 30

Spring Break Day 2 – Today I went to do those things you never have time for when you’re working:

oil change

car detailing

car wash

This whole process took about 2 hours. Normally, investing that amount of time would deter me from getting it done. Just kick that can down the road.

But not today!

It’s spring break and I have all the time in the world!

Spring has sprung- Day 29

Birds chirping, flowers starting to bud, warm breezes.

All of these signs of the beginning of spring make me so happy.

We went for a walk today even though it was pretty windy. At least it was warm and windy.

As we were walking, we were talking about how the flowers would start blooming soon.

Then we came upon this house.

These beautiful daffodils made us all smile. Spring is officially here!

Thank You, Science! – Day 28

Today we firmed up our final plans for Easter. We will all be gathering for brunch with the family at my daughter’s house.

This is the first holiday our whole family has been able to celebrate all together since Covid started.

Now that we’re all vaccinated, it felt great to have those normal conversations.

What time is everyone coming? Who’s bringing which dishes?

Another little taste of getting back to some sense of normal.

Thank you, Science!

An ordinary, extraordinary day – Day 27

The first day of spring break ended up being a busy, lovely day.  I took my 3-year old granddaughter, Charlotte, for the day to give my daughter some rest after having a tooth pulled.

We started out visiting my son (her Uncle Tyler) and his fiancé.  Charlotte loves going there to play with their hairless cat, who she calls “nakey cat.”  We brought ice cream with us and all had a treat.

We then went to my sister’s house to meet her new puppy.  We sat in the yard and enjoyed the beautiful spring day.

It’s been so long since we’ve been able to have visits with family, that this simple day of visiting seemed extraordinary.  Such a simple, extraordinary, lovely day.

The torturous wait for freedom – Day 26

3:23, 3:24, 3:25….finally, the bell rings!  The last period of the last school day before spring break — endless torture that ends with an amazing rush of freedom. 

The tension waiting for that bell to ring was palpable.  This year, I’m not sure who was waiting harder — me or my students!  10 whole days to sleep in, stay up late, and do whatever we want, 

I think we’ve all earned it this year!       

True Love

It must be true love.  

My son and his girlfriend had been living in a 1-bedroom, 1-bath 4th floor walk-up apartment in the city for the last 2 years.  Yes, that means they were stuck in a tiny apartment together during quarantine.  

To make matters worse, they were both working from home!  

Now I love my son, but I lived with him for a long time — in much larger quarters than they were living in.  I can’t say for sure that he would have come out of quarantine alive if I was stuck in a little apartment with him for a year.  

Not only did they make it through — they got engaged in the middle of it all!

A few weeks ago, they bought a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs.  They are still wandering around wondering what to do with all the space.  

I told his now-fiance that if she made it a year quarantined with him, it must be true love.  

She agreed.

Virus Aha Moment – Day 24

My son-in-law is very healthy.  He works out, eats healthy, and drinks crazy concoctions made from turmeric and ginger and other things obtained from the health food store.

Because of his self-proclaimed “iron immune system,” he decided he didn’t need to get the Covid vaccine. There was no way a virus could penetrate his fortress of immunity!  

Then he got the flu.  Thank goodness it was ONLY the flu!  But that flu knocked him on his butt for almost a week.  

I guess he decided that if a flu virus could penetrate that fortress, the Covid virus might be able to as well.

He’s getting vaccinated on Friday.  I’m not saying I’m glad he got sick, but…

…and it’s only Tuesday! – Day 23

I don’t know why this week is going so slowly.  Not just for me, but apparently for everyone.  I heard 3 other teachers today say, “…and it’s only Tuesday!”  

Maybe it’s the time change (which is still messing me up somehow).

Maybe it’s because my students are taking their final this week, which makes it pretty boring for me.

Maybe it’s because this is the last week before Spring Break and I’m really looking forward to it this year, even more than most years, because of all the craziness we’ve all been through.

Maybe it’s all of those things combined.  All I know is that this week seems like it’s been going on forever … AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY!  

Facebook Memories (Part 2) – Day 22

Facebook Memories (Part 2)

Another memory popped into my Facebook Memories this week.  This makes me laugh every time I see it.  

My daughter and I thought it would be a great idea to have my 3-year old granddaughter plant some flowers in a container.  

It was a great idea — for awhile.  

She happily decorated the container with markers.

She gleefully played in the dirt planting her seeds.

When everything was done, she said “OK, now we watch the flowers grow?”

We informed her that they wouldn’t start growing for a few days.  That’s when the meltdown happened.

Left – Happily planting our seeds..

Right – Charlotte’s reaction to the unhappy news that we would have to wait to see our newly planted flowers.