True Love

It must be true love.  

My son and his girlfriend had been living in a 1-bedroom, 1-bath 4th floor walk-up apartment in the city for the last 2 years.  Yes, that means they were stuck in a tiny apartment together during quarantine.  

To make matters worse, they were both working from home!  

Now I love my son, but I lived with him for a long time — in much larger quarters than they were living in.  I can’t say for sure that he would have come out of quarantine alive if I was stuck in a little apartment with him for a year.  

Not only did they make it through — they got engaged in the middle of it all!

A few weeks ago, they bought a 4-bedroom house in the suburbs.  They are still wandering around wondering what to do with all the space.  

I told his now-fiance that if she made it a year quarantined with him, it must be true love.  

She agreed.

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