Virus Aha Moment – Day 24

My son-in-law is very healthy.  He works out, eats healthy, and drinks crazy concoctions made from turmeric and ginger and other things obtained from the health food store.

Because of his self-proclaimed “iron immune system,” he decided he didn’t need to get the Covid vaccine. There was no way a virus could penetrate his fortress of immunity!  

Then he got the flu.  Thank goodness it was ONLY the flu!  But that flu knocked him on his butt for almost a week.  

I guess he decided that if a flu virus could penetrate that fortress, the Covid virus might be able to as well.

He’s getting vaccinated on Friday.  I’m not saying I’m glad he got sick, but…

2 thoughts on “Virus Aha Moment – Day 24

  1. I completely understand your thoughts and feelings about this whole situation. I’m glad it wasn’t anything too serious, but I’m glad it was serious enough to change his mind.


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