…and it’s only Tuesday! – Day 23

I don’t know why this week is going so slowly.  Not just for me, but apparently for everyone.  I heard 3 other teachers today say, “…and it’s only Tuesday!”  

Maybe it’s the time change (which is still messing me up somehow).

Maybe it’s because my students are taking their final this week, which makes it pretty boring for me.

Maybe it’s because this is the last week before Spring Break and I’m really looking forward to it this year, even more than most years, because of all the craziness we’ve all been through.

Maybe it’s all of those things combined.  All I know is that this week seems like it’s been going on forever … AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY!  

3 thoughts on “…and it’s only Tuesday! – Day 23

  1. I said that today, too. Our spring break is a few weeks away, but I feel that everyone in my school needs a break NOW. We are getting ready for a full in-person return to school the day after our break. There is too much going on right now.

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  2. I can totally relate. This week feels like it’s creeping. For me, it’s probably because I’m in the midst of getting ready for Passover and burning the proverbial candle at both ends trying to do it all.

    Hope the weekend arrives for both of us SOON!


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