Doggie for a Day – Day 9

I love dogs, I just don’t want to make the commitment to a dog again.  They are a lot of work.  You have to find someone to watch them if you want to go on vacation.  Vet bills can get astronomical.  They have to be walked every day regardless of how tired you are or how horrible the weather may be that day.  

My sister feels the same way, but she may have found the perfect solution.  She belongs to a group called Rovernight.  They are a rescue that transport dogs from states where puppy mills are abundant and find homes for the dogs with various families around the country.  As the dogs make their trips to their new homes, they need to overnight between legs of the trip.  That’s where my sister comes in.  She picks up a dog, or sometimes multiple dogs, on a Saturday afternoon and keeps them overnight.  The next morning, she takes them to meet the driver of the next leg of their trip.  

A few weeks ago, she had a momma with 5 teeny, tiny puppies.  Adorable!  She gets her dog fix, does a good deed, and gets to spend 24 hours with some adorable puppies!   The perfect solution!

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