I had a Google Hangouts Meet with some of my students today.  I was surprised by which students signed up and what they wanted to share.

A girl who literally hated me at the beginning of the school year, but who I made a connection with later in the year.  She joined from her aunt’s house in California just to check in.

A boy who loves to socialize and goof off in class.  He wanted to share the origami he has been doing to keep himself occupied.

A boy who is a real techie.  He wanted to show everyone the beautiful husky his family was dog sitting.  Taking the dog for a walk has been something he’s really enjoyed during this crazy time.

They all touched my heart. 

Then there was the student who signed up for the 2:00-2:15 hangout — unfortunately, he signed up at 2:35.  Yep, I teach middle school. Even when I’m apart from my students, they still give me a good laugh 🙂  

4 thoughts on “Hangouts

  1. I agree! So interesting that the kids I expected to sign on haven’t, but the ones that seem like I annoy them simply by being in the room that day, sign in EVERYDAY just to see what I am doing! I am glad you had them share with you, and I hope they keep signing on to see you!


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