And so it begins….

This morning I was at my daughter’s house, when my son-in-law, Scott, shared that his lower back was on fire.  He owns a moving company and had done something to his back during a move they were doing on Friday. My daughter suggested a massage.  Scott does get massages periodically and he knows they help, so he agreed. When he called several massage places, they were all booked except one.  This location had one appointment available today — with a male therapist. Scott said no thank you, and called a few other places. When he found out every other place was booked, he grudgingly took the appointment with the male massage therapist.  

This made me consider how difficult it must be for male massage therapists.  Most women I know, myself included, prefer a female therapist. Most men I know also prefer a female therapist.  It makes me wonder if it’s difficult for a male therapist to make a living at massage therapy.  

My daughter and I were anxious to hear how Scott’s appointment went.  When he walked in the door, we both said at the same time, “So, how was it?”  His answer, “This guy was magical! My back feels great.  I scheduled another appointment with him next Sunday!”  

Today’s lesson:  Sometimes it pays to step outside your comfort zone!  

4 thoughts on “And so it begins….

  1. Yes, it does. Most things worth noting in our lives was because we stepped out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we’re nicely rewarded to have the courage, in your son-in-law’s case desperation, to do so. Lovely slice.


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